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How would you like to have all of the Actionable Information you need to build a successful acting career? Discover A.C.T. Now! (Actor's Casting, Courses, Content, Technology), where you can find the companies, castings, and courses you love in one easy-to-use location.

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Make Acting Success Look Easy:

By bringing together an ever-growing list of quality resources and companies into a single platform, actors can streamline their acting careers in record time. In addition to sharing courses/classes from knowledgeable industry-experts, we aggregate multiple casting sites, custom tailoring your submission options to save you time and maximize the daily impact on your acting career. We provide cutting-edge/industry-disruptive technology (AI for Actors).

Easy Access to Multiple Casting Sites

Unlock The Latest Industry Technology

Connect to Expert Educators & Courses

Have You Ever Felt The Following?

OVERWHELMED keeping track of multiple casting sites and logins. 

DISAPPOINTED in too few job opportunities.  

UNSURE which classes to take to grow your acting career.

& TIRED of not being able to book roles causing wasted time and energy.

Here’s how the ACT Now! App can Help: 

Casting Opportunities for YOU!

Our App will save you time and energy as you consolidate your daily submission search. We’ve partnered with multiple casting sites to additionally bring you audition information from sites and sources you may have been missing...

Let us help you go after ALL of the job opportunities available to you.


Find Courses Anywhere, Anytime.

We want to educate you on how to succeed in this industry and so do hundreds of other coaches and teachers. We’ve partnered with educators near and far to bring you everything from Live classes in your area to Recorded courses you can study after your survival job shift.


Create Your Acting Career's "Big Break"

"Lucking" into your Big Break isn't really luck at all! Luck is simply when Preparation meets Opportunity (Socrates). Our app connects you with the education (preparation) you need while informing you of  job listings (opportunity) from dozens of casting sites. Let's go make your Big Break!

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Joining ACT Now! app will give you fast access to 30+ casting sites, easy access to quality/vetted educators, and more. See you there!

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21st Century Actors Need Technology...

Our goal is to provide actors with easy access to castings, courses/coaching, and other industry-specific information that will save you time, energy, and $$$. ACT Now!'s exclusive technology - combined with our amazing partners - works together to make your acting career growth effective and easy.

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