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There is a lot of information out there on building an acting career, but how do you know where to begin? Thanks to technology and first-hand experiences from industry experts, we’ve built the Actors A.I. for you! In one app, you can get access to all of the actionable information you need to start an acting career, grow your acting career, and succeed in your acting career. And - yes - there really is AI involved too ;)

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We want you to have it all! You may have been missing (several) casting sites and resources, so we went out and got them for you!

We pull together multiple casting sites to make your daily submissions process easy and efficient.

  • Discover thousands of job openings from a constantly growing list of casting partners.
  • Speed up the submissmission process with quick access to several casting sites in one easy-to-use location.
  • Sign up to receive expert guidance on your best roles and auditions.


Access has its benefits! As we connect you to our growing list of multiple casting site partners, we want to support you in using this information effectively and efficiently. With your PRIME membership, we will save you time by having our trained team of CASTing Analysts evaluate your matches and daily notify you of the select castings that you are most likely to book (and should be submitting to). #SubmitSmarter

Let’s improve your daily submissions and close those multiple tabs to different casting sites! We’ll give you easy access to multiple sites in one easy-to-use location.

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We pull together multiple casting sites to make your daily submissions process easy and efficient.

Classes and coaching helped get the actors who developed this app where they are today, and for the most efficient career-path, you’ll want an educational boost too. Search our database for thousands of coaches and classes online or in-person and gain the education you need to be a successful actor.

P.S. Have your own course/class? Great! Check out our Partners page!

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In the app, you’ll find information on additional companies, services, and websites all dedicated to your acting success. Search the Topics Section for quality career-boosting content!

A.I. Includes Artificial Intelligence

ACT Now! uses A.I. to stand for Actionable Information and also to represent the artificial intelligence we use and provide you access to. Our premium members receive insight on their best roles and how to improve their working relationships.

We’re using technology to streamline and simplify the casting/business side of your career; YOU get to focus on acting!

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Your Best Roles! Private Coaching

Ever wonder how a casting director decides who to call in? We’ll share the inside scoop and more! This private session is about saving you Time, Energy, and $$$

Fundamentals of Being a BANKable Actor

Want your acting career to make financial sense? You’ll need to improve your marketing, industry relationships, and character work. We’ll show you an easily implemented system with this intensive!