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About Us - Founders

JANA BEESON - Co-Founder

As CEO of The Actor's and co-founder of Actor’s Casting/Course/Content Technology, ACT Now!, Jana Beeson is passionate about helping actors supercharge their careers, get focused, and get booked! in a fraction of the time. An actor herself, Jana got her BFA in Theatre and Acting from a top 4 acting school (Southern Methodist University, Magna Cum Laude) before honing her professional skills in DC and NYC.

Working both in front of and behind the camera on commercials, indie films, features, and tv shows, she additionally loves seeing both sides of the casting table as a casting director. An Atlanta local as of 2020, she is enjoying building new opportunities in the Hollywood of the South while being of service virtually to actors all over the globe thanks to cutting edge technology.


Lorenzo Hickey has helped form 18 leading-edge startup companies. Having earned a bachelor’s degree in Accounting & MBA from Pepperdine University, and experience growing an organization of over 20,000 employees,  he is an expert at all facets of running a business.

As Co-Founder of ACT Now! and founder of SHAPESHIFT WORLD, Lorenzo creates communities and tech where small and large businesses can create a fast path to cash through automated technology stacks, sales funnel development, and social media engagement. New to the actor world, he's thrilled to support the "actorpreneur" with these same quality business practices and tools. We are creating a community of like minded entrepreneurs where the "power of WE elevates ME"!

Our Team


Aaron is a professional actor and stuntman based out of New York City who works in LA and the Southeast region as well. He is primarily cast in roles that require an aggressive personality with some action, or the straight-man in any comedic performance. ACT Now! is grateful for his continued assistance in making the app user friendly and supportive of our partners. Aaron is booking more and more; we’re sure you’ll see his face in multiple tv and film spots this year!


Emily is an actor from the stage based in Central-South East Texas. She is primarily considered for self-controlled, down-to-earth characters, or the playful type with some action. ACT Now! appreciates all that she does to make our social media beautiful and engaging. We highly recommend her to anyone looking for more social media automation; she’s a joy to work with!


Austin is a front end developer based out of Columbus, OH. He holds a degree in Digital Simulation and Game Engineering Technology from Shawnee State University. ACT Now! is grateful to be working with such a kind, fun techie! Everyone, meet our Director of Dashboards!



Actor & Screenwriter


Actor: Commercials & Film

LIL RHEE, New York City

TV/Film Actor, Producer, & Film Crew

TAI BACANI, Rhode Island

TV & Film Actress


Comedic Actor, Stage & Film

RISA MALIK, Bangalore, India

Actor, Singer, Dancer, & Production Crew

ABIGAIL HAYLES, Toronto, Ontario

Voiceover Artist, TV & Film Actress